”I studied fiction writing network.”

  The content they want to know already know more or less, the value of jade 都市夜网page to turn off the notebook on the lap together, hands in lap stacked cross buckle.
  ”Yan Yi director to shoot a very good historical themes of the film, said Shao Yang, even if we can move Yan guide re-forming, directing her to this, if the script is not enough to impress her, she would not take my drama.And I’m sure to write your own out of what she will like.”
  .This is a sudden whim want screenwriter yet?
  [But this fiction writing and research networks you have anything to do?]
  ”Nature is a relationship, I intend to send to the breeze first novel, the original party is when a wave of ready-made traffic ah.”
  Heng Yu breeze is these days has been looking at fiction reading station.
  The system has been used to the balance of jade do not follow the routine the cards, nor Yijingyizha, just another curious thing, “What are y苏州夜网ou going to write novels?”
  Heng-yu reach for the glass sip of water, “you know breeze most popular theme is what you type?”
  Systems ranging from silly to ask, Heng-yu has been told to answer it, “the text is slash.”
  Petrified system.
  Funny enough system, balance Yucai slowly to the back, then finished up, “but I did not say I intend to write.”
  system:.You make an intelligent system it great sense of accomplishment!

  The words were still in the throat tube, the leader was suddenly sprang to fall upon a move behind Lu Shaoyang.

  Almost at the same time, Jiang Ruiqing and Liu Dong liters behind the Jiangxia care, they clenched fist, ready to resist these criminals attack.
  It has always been a night, plus Lu Shaoyang these days training tanned black carbon.Jiangxia Lu Shaoyang and Jiang Ruiqing did not recognize, but saw his body in the green uniforms of the time, three people sigh.
  ”Do not move, raised his hand to!”
  Lu Shaoyang followed in behind the soldiers quickly ran up, some of them still holding the revolver.
  ”Everyone, all raise their hands!”
  Jiangxia three of them see no movement, there are soldiers shouted.Now the situation is unknown, they might both sides are evil forces, so the soldiers paid special attention.
  At this time, 杭州桑拿Lu Shaoyang the hands of the leader and later handed over to the comrades.
  ”Li, she is my wife!”
  Hear the voice of Lu Shaoyang, Jiangxia turned away and looked up, he really is Lu Shaoyang, how the sun so dark?He was not a soldier in Hebei do, how to go to the Guangzhou?
  Luying Zhang’s wife?It looks really nice!
  But how could she here?Too dangerous!
  Because during the day Lu Shaoyang outstanding performance in the contest, and all participants in this contest soldiers know this Luying Chang Hebei Military Region.But, they did not think that would see his wife Lu Yingzhang in such cases.
  ”how about it?Where there are no injuries?”Lu Shaoyang came quickly, with the X-ray machine, like the eyes, scanning up and down again.
  Jiangxia shook his head, she pointed to Liu Dong rise was bleeding profile, “Liu was injured, the need to go to the hospital as soon as possible.”
  Just before the windshield break anymore, Liu Dong rise even cover your own head and face, or a piece of broken glass to scratch.Fortunately, it does not look serious, just some skin trauma.
  Liu Dong Lu Shaoyang liters looked at, what is the relationship he and Jiangxia?Why did she care so much about him?
  ”People’s Liberation Army comrades, I’m fine, do not go to the hospital.That is, some small scratches, small scratches.”Under the watchful eye of Lu Shaoyang, Dong-liter trailed.He had no idea how, Jiangxia not only married, her husband was a soldier, his face solemn look.
  Today, thanks to his timely manner, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.
  Public Security Bureau police soon arrived, even Jiangxia is Lushao Yang’s wife, in accordance with the process, she had to follow along in the back of the registration.
  The remaining soldiers returned to the hostel after military police took over, it has been followed by only Lu Shaoyang.
  He also wanted to ask a lot to Jiangxia.
  Author has to say: “Revenge of the text in the dress department Buddha villain”, the first column of the text in advance, seeking collection!
  Suman wear into a revenge-ri, she looked at the nine-digit bank card deposit, overjoyed.
  However, she soon fade, because she actually is the villain in this book battered body of child heart, sad reminder of dying from cancer.

  Linda Shun back to a home far away step by step, to be honest, Zhao orange heart is very hard to accept, the road also took advantage of the way weather is too early when no one shed tears all the way.

  When can wait to feel enough pain physically, mentally sick people will be pressure in the past.
  And so walked more than two hours after foot pain to Huoshaohuoliao his head because of lack of sleep and waves of giddy, even regret last night orange Zhao own art Fan children too, do what Parting sadness sad.
  Plus a night without sleep crying too much, the way scorching sun go one step further back pain, not to drink, it would be no more tragic than her own people Well?
  Zhao Orange direction to go is to go to the next town, and then traveled to the city of lotus seed paste.
  Zhao Orange originally wanted to inquire about the two nearby towns have no car to go to other cities, but added there may have, for example, every three days, there will be twelve o’clock flight南宁夜网 to coach the provincial capital, but the fare is twenty dollars, Zhao orange is simply astronomical.
  Zhao Orange has promised to cheek ranging from people you’ve borrowed ten dollars, take more Xiabu Qu hand she is now no way to approach it was only to hold the psychological luck go lotus seed paste city settled, then think of ways to go somewhere else.
  Wait until more than three hours to go to the next town, Zhao Orange had no desire to look at the situation of the town, in the street looking for a Mianshan lady asked where the station, went straight to the place known after waiting for the bus.
  He stood ten minutes, a somewhat tattered dusty city bus back from lotus seed paste.
  Zhao orange scattered along with several other passengers got one after another, and so finally sat down, Zhao orange is considered a relief.
  N北京养生会所o way, the foot too much pain, blisters estimate has repeatedly worn a few back and forth.Also wear shoes is also very hot, orange Zhao particularly want to take off your shoes allow the foot to breathe, looked left and right, she still could not break through that line.
  Breathable take off your shoes when walking in the street even, that is, self-image problem, and if also something to do to do that, it is a moral issue.
  He licked his lips, frowning Zhao orange with yourself not think about Linda Shun Lin Ershun.
  She did not know when so many of Our Lady of heart, life is not a month or together Well, people really think of myself as a real mother?
  Poor people also, do not look at where your next meal.Its not think so much, you might as well save energy to think about themselves in the end to think of how the city temporarily living it!
  Mercilessly cast aside some self, orange Zhao mind still very chaotic, uncontrollable over and over again to think about themselves in the end no arrangements have been made.
  The children are with the people in the village revealed himself to be back home, do not come back within a short time, no one would suspect anything, so at least be able to hold Lin Jiancheng’s face.
  Lin Jiancheng such as night came back to see the letter, you should know that they should do is cover up some outside, and so over time around the arrangements put two children picked up.

  The intensity of competition can be imagined.

  Almost all, they are identified “stab yourself” will be revealing in the coming year.
  Only Hong Qi Cheng know, Lu Jing left the words of the investment, then the quality of the star can not make up for the defects caused by Pei Yu shortage of funds.
  Great pressure is about to shatter his nerve.
  White also came Shu.
  In the middle of dress glamorous actress, she was not very impressive.
  But she did not seem so ordinary day low self-esteem, past timid eyes, hide some unexpected self-confidence and pride.
  This is to be able to return at the expense of confidence.
  Because foresaw the outcome, she felt a not so inferior.
  The highest level when the European headquarters of the Office of the President.
  Decorated here mainly black color, simple atmosphere, meticulous.
  Lu Jing Yan Su cold looking grim, he stared at the computer screen to pop up a floating window.
  The eyes in the old well deep, dark anger rolling boundless.
  That is the real-time monitoring audition locations.
  Whether it is the hallway or room, no late cherry figure.
  Tight hoop huge loss to his heart.
  Chest bursts of cold sore.
  Low air pressure inside the office was terrible, Jiang Chong seriously staring at the screen, looking serious: “Qi Hong Cheng been on the phone, looking very anxious.Miss Chi is not an accident?”
  Almost Speaking of “trouble” at the moment Jiang Chong, Lu Jing Yan body startled, he quickly points to open on the tabl苏州夜网e a black anchor icon.
  Immediately, there was a huge city map on the screen.
  Jiang Chong know it on this map, you can directly locate the coordinates of late cherry phone.

Su Wan Qin palace parked in front, always refused to leave.

“Su girl, princes have not yet come back, you still please return it.”
Let the palace guards over and over again to persuade, Su-Wan remained unconvinced.
She bit her lower lip frozen has no perception, sad authentic: “He obviou上海夜网sly has come back, why not see me?”
Guards embarrassed authentic: “Su girl, please do not let the villain difficult.”
Back from the palace, Ningze or ask a question of the heart: “The princes, Su girls have been here many times, why have you been to avoid seeing her?”
Shen Huan stepped off the carriage, but did not speak.
Ningze let the coach driver pulled away, they heard movement coming from in front of the palace, are not stopped.
He looked tracks the sound, at once surprised a moment, moved to see Shen Huan, said: “Royal Highness, Su girl.”
Su Wan heard movement behind him, quickly turned away.
Shen Huan Zheng Zhu, and Su-Wan standing face to face.
There were numerous heavy snow fall.
Suwan Gu dated a man standing among the snow and let the whole body covered with snow, seemed anxious and helpless look.
Shen Huan came up with speculation, are not surprised.
Does she know the?
He obviously would not let anyone tell them the matter to her, who gave her the wind revealed?
Shen Huan thinking to myself angry.
He did not want her involved, the original thinking without telling her, alone, will solve all things, so will her Bierbuxian.He was afraid of the slightest mistake, it will hurt her.
However, to see the little girl misty appearance, his heart instantly collapsed down, soft mess.

Chapter 121 commitment

“Bowl Bowl.”
Shen Huan and Su-Wan in the eye, as if to suppress what.Before the opening, she walked forward, threw herself into his arms.
Su Wan could not stop the tears fall, wet his skirt.
“Bowl bowl, do not cry.”He suddenly panicked, he can only reach out awkwardly as she wiped tears from his eyes, my heart give birth to flawless the first time emotions.
Su Wan looked up, tears drip in her eyes: “Why do you hide me?”
“I do not want you involved in this matter.”Shen Huan whispered, as she wiped the body of the snow, one hand holding her hand down, palm strikes a cool, because she had cold hands.
He was surprised, and asked: “how so cold?How long you wait outside?”What seems to think, the cold knife-like eyes immediately to the palace guards threw, guards looked down.But this time Shen Huan did not care about with his mind, only Su-Wan pulled into the palace: “Do not stand on the outside, come with me.”

Chapter 242 child star of bright life

  Alice joint company soon Anlei Shan’s mother Ann opened a press conference, claimed that the accident fainted by no means a company press Anlei artists, Anlei as a minor artist, has always been a firm hold in order to protect care attitude, so He has served as a broker by the Anlei mother.
  An Yingying smile Shan also responded to the doubts raised by the so-called long-term fatigue is because Anlei acting like a child too, anemia, eating disorders, only children do not eat well, eat snacks.
  After her daughter will not be arrogant, and would surely urge her to eat.
  Wait until Anlei discharged, and the audience will continue to meet.
  An Shan testify and have vowed, skeptical media and friends, also considered a lull in the storm.
  After the press conference, Ann Shan got on makeup began, before order to make the image of a mother in front of the media, because of the daughter in hospital and haggard makeup makeup.
  Alice’s boss to see her this way, almost guessed she would be where to go, he heard some wind, frowned, “An Shan, this time you also pay attention to the point, was accide北京夜网ntally photographed.”
  ”What.”An Shan Road indifference.
  ”Even if you usually play, and not Anlei now home to the hospital it.”Alice executives also worry that will affect other.
  An Shan Pieliaopiezui said, “The hospital doctors and nurses do not have?They are not paying me to take care of Anlei.”
  In addition to general entertainment Vanity Fair, with Anlei meet the director, brands are interested in outside of Ann Alexandra Anlei not care, but there is no patience to care for their children, can throw the past in the home of her mother, now money is not what can be a babysitter assistant.
  ”Anlei in hospital, although inconvenience and meet the media, but you can still take some care of her photos put online.”
  Alice company executives to run this set is still very good, as long as Anlei nice fit on the line.
  ”You arrange reporter, wants to make another time.”An Shan trusted in themselves that Anlei brokers and mother, Alice CEOs also inadvertently bring some insufferably arrogant tone.
  Look at Anlei is on the company’s cash cow parts, a lot of contracts are to be signed by Ann Alexandra, Alice CEOs repressed under the unhappy mind, nodded his head.
  A city is the most prosperous city, as long as the money, you can enjoy almost everything, the air filled with tobacco and ambiguous atmosphere, surrounded by twisting posture and confuse music.
  With a daughter, he is unlikely to marry Homer, and Ann Shan fell in love with this pleasure squandered pleasure.
  Young handsome man in her ear saying frivolous words, prompting security Shan kept laugh, ordered several bottles of very high asking price of drinks.

  Ma road replied: “is a five-year-old male naughty doll in the afternoon followed by the production team of people to cut Vi北京夜网tex wasteland, a blink of an eye missing person got left shoe and a pool of blood.”

  This is not a two-year drought is the disaster, people have enough to eat but where the effort to fight wolves?Most houshayu commune production team and attitudes towards wolves are almost pear village, sees the wolf dung on the wasteland will be back, try not to provoke Wolf.
  But this avoidance on the premise that people can not eat wolf.
  Several small village of pear captain regarded the people shouting together.Shi Sanxi only a few know that the force was foolish enough clever members of the brush down, arrange for them to patrol in the village.
  Ma Yongfu Li Zhenhua immediately sent home, said: “You come to a couple of months, do not know the road, you find people do not have access.Home to the courtyard fastened, what happened out there 北京体验网do not have to open the door.Tomorrow’s literacy classes are not open, when I sent notice to open your home.”
  Positive performance is important, but alone in their own homes on wasteland, and my father was not at home, he can not top what the guests stay at home.
  Li Zhenhua nodded, pulling back Ningdong.
  Ningdong early twenties to go along with his uncle played a small wolf, died in his muzzle the wolf did not have eight ten.If Xi Li Wen is not here, he would ask the secretary to horse play wolf hunting.Li Xi Wen lived here, he was worried that she would act rashly provoke retaliation Lee wolves, he is very cautious, follow Li Zhenhua go back without a word.
  Li Zhenhua said North Valley home production team have children in the wasteland wolf towed away, Caoyue Ying and my heart is really very nervous and feared wolves midnight to jump into the yard, but also worried about Li Dahai way home encountered a wolf to catch night.
  Li Dahai not at home, Caoyue Ying know she can not be too obvious weakness in front of the children, she calmly said: “our house wall so high, all right.Ningdong night and Lanzhou, Zhenhua, the three of you to sleep in the East Room, and I cherish the text Silesia sleep, empty out the middle.”
  ”Auntie, placed on the outside of the lamb!”I would rather think of it hidden backyard East.
  ”I packed up.”Li Xi Wen after dark to slip behind the lamb incorporated into the space, and she felt the wall height wolf to enter, the wolf really came, it was across the walls stoning certainly, no one she can pull out a gun out of nothing fear.
  She ate one thing to find the goods they are interested in, he said: “Lanzhou Geming days to go to grandma house Yeah, let’s do something delicious to bring him?”
  Wolves have been coming days, Caoyue Ying Xing Lanzhou asked: “Lanzhou, eat what your grandma home?There are no taboos?”
  ”No.Aunt steamed buns you give me twenty or thirty two combined surface on the line, do not do tricks.”Lanzhou Xing did not ask, now a little flour and rice to eat is a very good people, gone ceremony was popular with bread.
  Caoyue Ying think about it, he said: “OK!I give Tim some point look at home.We’ll enjoy lamb stew!”
  Ningdong call before going to bed to the toilet Xing Lanzhou to the yard.Li Xi Wen Afternoon to Ningdong six hundred dollars, she estimated Ningdong is to give the money to plug Xing Lanzhou, half past one would not be back to the house, and on what band to discuss Caoyue Ying Xing Lanzhou.
  ”Take a packet of brown sugar, a packet of biscuits.”Caoyue Ying thought for a long time, said:” Do sixty bread to his belt, he was ready for another twenty corn bread as dry food, the child went to the Northeast for months, seems to have become a big appetite, can not let him eat unsaturated.”

  ”That one.I ate a supper, hungry.”

  Yuyao Yao Meng Xinran found sane, to feel a little strange.
  But now she looked Yuyao Yao eyes wandering, did not dare to face them a guilty conscience, and look very rosy, looking深圳桑拿网 more like water, she was there to grasp!
  ”Hungry, not more than sister restaurant just come back yet?I thought you were sick of it, just to see you.”
  ”We just knocked on the door, how you did not open?We all thought you fainted yet.”
  Meng Xinran word smile, let everyone also under doubt.
  Deputy director feel a little oolong, I was going to go.
  ”Sister, how your face so red?”
  Meng Xinran verbally, squeezed directly from the door.
  Even, she also wants to reach out and touch the forehead Yuyao Yao.
  Yuyao Yao step back in disgust, would not let her touch their own, but she was squeezed in through the door.
  Meng Xinran Once inside, they begin to look around.
  ”Sister, you are a man it?”
  ”I just like to hear how a man’s voice.”
  She say, ready to leave the staff leng.
  The eyes of other female athletes also filled the gossip.
  Not long ago, Yuyao Yao hotel just broke tryst with a man’s sex scandal photos!
  They suspicious eyes, suddenly looked over towards Yuyao Yao.
  This look, she discovered, such as peach-like cheeks pink, eyes as if his mouth spring water, unlike normal supper in the house look.
  They just knocked on the door so loud, normally impossible not to hear, but at least five minutes passed, she did not come out to open the door!
  During this time she is doing?
  To cover up what?What people can not see?
  This is a program group quarters, openly let wild men came in, she was too timid it!
  Everyone gossip and curiously looked toward every corner of the room.
  Program group to a group of players in the room, a single room of one bedroom, one bathroom!

  Rou Jiang silent: “You really do not understand?”

  Meteors unaware: “little lady scholarship to write so well, look at this powerful multi-stroke, this circle more round.”
  ”It was an egg.”Jiang Rou anger.
  Not write the word ah?
  Jiang Rou patting book case: “I can not hold even a pen, how can you write, my pen painting eggs, egg you would not recognize them?”
  Rainbow fart fell into the water of the!
  Meteors ridicule twice: “little lady painting is great!”
  Jiang Rou funeral breath, soft brush is not good practice ah.
  Rou Jiang said, I deeply miss pen!
  Seeing Jiang Rou hand is not sour, Meteors took out a small dish of food containers from one side to the inside of the dried fish.
  That dried fish finger length, the fine flour wrapped pan fried, golden-sided, very fragrant smell南宁桑拿.
  Kitten restless, and in the legs push lightly with ginger Rou Mimi Mi constantly called upon.
  Jiang Rou easily plug it one, she also twist the bar, looked clean, and very fragrant, then follow their mouths.
  Ga Ga bang bang, one person, one cat gnawing dried fish, that meet God face instantly sync.
  Meteors can not stay, so as not to disturb the artist’s line of sight, then quietly back down.

  In addition to Jiang, animal husbandry, animal husbandry wave, Zhu Chan, South Korea to celebrate her are a few knew, Cheng Enbo waste Bastard home to celebrate this with Han and other gifted mixed together in private, this is a very striking thing, strangely enough these people not only mixed up and the parents of several parties, had no one come out against.

  And now the more surprising, these people actually behind a girl, willing to listen to her driving, it’s not a very interesting thing right?
  Meng Tong Yin Ning princess do not know how to think her mind, she looked slightly Hu’s eyes, said, “strabismus refers to two goals at the same time not watching, so causing the distance you see something, it has a certain length or distance deviation.”
  Hu Tong Meng Having noticed a slight surprise in with some dazed look, could not help low coughed a little embarrassed and said: “I said too academic, and you may not understand.”
  She unnatural smile, explained, “so to speak, I see your eyes unlike congenital ocular malformations, when you were young eyes should hurt it, but a few days might seem like a good eye up, so they did not pay attention, giving rise to a slight muscle deformation, so that you as a vision of the situation now appears microcline?”

  ☆, 419 you edge of the eye to me

  ”You said I did not understand most of.”Hu slightly embarrassed smile Chong Meng Tong, Tong Meng then readily answer questions,” but I was really a kid brother’s eye whip accidental injury, but then after Lee by physician diagnosis and treatment, did not take long Enough.”
  Then, she came up two steps, pointing to his eyes Coushang to see Meng T广州桑拿ong, “You see, I am not one thing wrong eyes.”
  Tong Meng really seriously looked on Coushang not only read, she started to go slightly clawed Hu eyelids looked.
  Hu did not see if it is a slight struggle, Princess Yin Ning wants to play people rushed.
  Several animal husbandry wave of opt Behind his bear witness, and all face “is really the case,” the awareness of expression and opt Ling turned around to see a.
  At the moment, they are a deeply learned Ling said, Meng Tong saw a strange illness, will immediately Coushang with all kinds of people strike up a conversation, chat, and then look at the situation requires diagnosis and treatment of human disease is what the this situation is really very embarrassing ah.
  ”Your eyes are actually not completely healed.”Tong Meng will recover a checked his hand, then looked solemnly, 深圳桑拿网Hu slightly and said:” Your eyes are abnormal fascial structures, resulting in eye position is not correct, so it was like when an image is caused in the retina deviations appear slight.”
  ”Now the question is not considered too serious, but the problems will increase as you age slowly up serious, depending on the material you should now have a vague sense?Archery is not even see the target are slowly?”
  ”You will know how?”Hu slight Wuzui whisper, she may never spoken about it with people.
  Meng Tong smiled and pointed to her eyes, “I look out the pictures, but even if you can see the flak and certainly not hit, because people see the target is straight, the target angle you see is biased so how can we shoot in?”
  Princess Yin Ning sit with two of dialogue, the more scared to speak, heard the heart, she was angry approached Yibalaguo Hu slight, angrily: “Your eyes are something wrong, do not tell me how ah?”
  ”Also, no big problems.”Hu slightly shy bow immediately, gas is weak:” The physician before seen also looking for Lee, he also said that should be all right, perhaps I read his eyes tired at night, anyway, I am looking at some distant thing fuzzy, not any ever do what.”
  Princess Yin Ning simply did not want to hear her excuse, he turned to see Meng Tong, said: “Since you can see the problem of her eyes, should be able to cure?”